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Bauma China

2018 Bauma China

公布工夫:2018-12-04 13:44:29


On November 30, 2018, Bauma 2018 Shanghai exhibition was successfully concluded. The Bauma exhibition attracted 3,350 enterprises from 38 countries and regions, SEMW as one of the many exhibitors of this exhibition, takes advantage of the good opportunity of development to show new products, exchange ideas, observe and learn, explore customers and sign contracts. This Bauma exhibition is the blessing of SEMW, we believe that this opportunity brings next year's sales of various series of products will be a higher level.



The new ideas of Bauma exhibition have been throughout SEMW’s display, we use H5 invitation letter to show our new image, wechat code scanning platform input customer demand information, in the form of tablet computer independent reading and animation + construction editing and circular playing, an open and independent communication platform was created, and a channel for timely release and dissemination of product information was established, with good results achieved. During the four days of the exhibition, we received more than 200 customer delegations, fully understand the customer's product demand information, for SEMW future differentiation marketing opened a convenient door.

2018 Bauma Shanghai each big giant cluster, provides us with the study, visit and exchange the perfect stage, SEMW has its leading technology advantage, the exhibition on display at the Pre-board Pre-cast Pilling Equipment (applicable to the static drill pile grounding method), DRA Series Dual Power Drilling Rig (applicable to filling pile construction, the rock drill, etc.) and the TRD - 80 – E model (applicable to the TRD, TAD method construction), DCM system (used in offshore, land construction of soft foundation processing) and so on has been widely concerned. We firmly believe that these products represent the green, environmental protection, intelligent, efficient construction technology is the future direction of development, new products will be a great potential for SEMW.-澳门新葡京官方网址2


Shanghai Bauma exhibition is now over, SEMW has a rich harvest, first of all, we would like to thank the majority of support SEMW of the new and old friends, and the site of hard work of every employee.

As the first Bauma exhibition since the SEMW’s transformation, we have seen the gap with the giants, found the goal of enterprise development, and defined the direction of product optimization and improvement. We firmly believe that 2020 Bauma Shanghai exhibition, we will be better. Look forward to seeing you again next time.-王者新葡京的网址


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